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CURRENT 07/2020

Creating original work is important for a professional artist. Your work should showcase YOU and what you are all about or AT LEAST what you are passionate about.

What I want from my art: Figures, Flowers, Color, Texture, Variety, Flow, Me

I like to start off with a representational piece, so here is where I started:

ROUND 001 – MAY 2020

I loved the piece, but I find it more fun to give myself a little wiggle room for abstraction. Meaning that I don’t and my viewers don’t focus on identity. I also felt like it was lacking COLOR & VARIETY.

ROUND 002 – MAY 2020

Started adding some color and a bit more abstraction, but I wanted more color!

ROUND 003 – JUNE 2020
ROUND 4 – JUNE 2020

This time was spent focusing on building my color palette and practicing this fill technique. I love this technique, but I still felt something was missing, it was a bit flat and there was no VARIETY or TEXTURE.

ROUND 005 – JULY 2020

This is my newest piece and while it is not my favorite composition, it was meant as a learning tool so I am happy with it.

Now I need to focus on how to bringing FLOW to my pieces, which to me means a strong composition and creating a style that allows the figure to work better with the texture.

Also, I want to bring a little big of ME to the work. I have always considered the female figure as a representation of me (being female) and I have been really missing my hometown lately (Phoenix, Arizona) so I am going to work that in somehow with color & shape.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the progress as it went. Wish me luck!

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