Fine, I’ill just do it myself

Still totally addicted to embroidery with yarn, yep totally my thing. BUT I had been trying to get some unique yarns called “Art Yarns” from other makers, but they were constantly sold out. What? No fun yarns for me?

Heck no, that will not do. I am a problem solver. If I can’t get them, then fine, I will just do it myself. That is my motto with everything really. I will not be denied fun!

For those of you who know me from back in my letterpress days, you know that I can not resist a super cool old timey machine. As soon as I realized that making my own yarn meant that I got a cool machine – checkity-check, I am all in!

This is my new Spinolution Echo. I am learning right now, so I probably wont share until I have a little more experience, but here is my first go:

Ignore the boring fiber color, I am working with cheap basic fibers so that I have a little less pressure not to ruin them.

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